The death toll is mounting.

Dr. Rutledge on Koolout Radio in Chicago

Please tune in to WVON 1690AM radio in Chicago or listen live at this Sunday evening 6/5/11 at 11:30pm central time to hear a discussion on the pros and cons of all the various methods of birth control. Get Dr. Rutledge’s no-nonsense insight for yourself or loved ones one how best to approach this subject matter!

Koolout Radio

Sunday Nights
11pm CST/ 9pm PST/ 12am EST
“The Talk of Chicago”
Listen from anywhere in the world.

11pm CST / 9pm PST / 12am EST

It’s more then a radio show, it’s a movement.

“When life puts too much on your plate, Don’t stress, Koolout.”


One response

  1. mjrowland


    (I am leaving this comment because I tried submitting an email through the main website, but I am unsure if it went through due to problems with the randomized security code at the bottom of the screen.)

    I recently read a review of your film in 21st Century Science and Technology, and am very interested in seeing it.  I currently live in the Philippines—another poor nation that has been sacrificed to the cult of the Earth Goddess Gaia.  (The Phils were the first in Southeast Asia to build a nuclear power plant.  But the US and other foreign interests prevented its activation, resulting in a growing population that still suffers horribly from a severe shortage in electricity, and a massive debt for a project that was never allowed to benefit the economy.) 

    I’d like to be able to get a copy of your film, and possibly have it screened publicly in the Manila area.  How may I go about doing so?  Would you be able to ship a copy here?

    Please keep me updated.  You can contact me through my WordPress account, or through email — — Thanks!


    July 11, 2011 at 2:34 pm

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