The death toll is mounting.


Skype Q&A with Dr. Rutledge

Armstrong and Getty Interview


Cameraman’s Response to Dr. Rutledge Drinking DDT

Who is the target audience for 3 Billion and Counting?

Dr. Rutledge discussing the LA premiere

Dr. Rutledge calls into The Howard Stern Show

Howard Stern mentions 3 Billion And Counting on his show

Bedbugs and social change

Dr. Rutledge discusses his new documentary 3 Billion And Counting and the current epidemic of bedbugs and the need for social change.

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The Daily Buzz 9-30-2010

Writer, Producer & Director Dr. Rutledge talks about the buzz surrounding “3 Billion and Counting” and why he spearheaded it. The controversial documentary is completing its Academy Award qualifying run this week.

Debbie Gibson was with Dr. Rutledge during the interview that aired today on “The Daily Buzz.” Gibson scored the soundtrack for the film as well as wrote and recorded “Rise,” a song heard during the closing credits. The documentary is currently showing at Laemmle Sunset 5 in Los Angeles.

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Two new videos with Dr. Rutledge

Debbie Gibson records theme song to 3 Billion And Counting

Debbie Gibson was in the studio recently working on the theme song (as well as her first time scoring) for Dr. Rutledge’s new documentary 3 Billion And Counting. Check out the video for a behind the scenes preview:

Dr. Rutledge discusses bedbugs and the NY premiere

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