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Q&A in Los Angeles

The writer, producer and director for the provocative documentary “3 Billion and Counting” will be attending the screening later today in LA with Debbie Gibson. Immediately following, a Q&A and meet and greet will be held with Dr. Rutledge and Gibson. Gibson scored the film as well as sings the closing credit song “Rise.”

The screening of this new documentary shedding light on a global killer is today at 4:30 p.m. PT at Laemmle Sunset 5.  Watch the trailer and buy a ticket. The film runs until September 30.

3 Billion and Counting

Debbie Gibson Finds Dr. Rutledge Talking With Some Fans

3 BILLION AND COUNTING Opens in New York at The QUAD Cinema

NEW YORK, Sept. 3 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The QUAD Cinema, one of New York City’s leading art houses, presents the New York premiere of the provocative new documentary, 3 BILLION AND COUNTING (102 minutes), directed and produced by Dr. D. Rutledge Taylor.

Sure to spark outrage, Dr. Rutledge, a California physician specializing in preventative medicine, chronicles the effects of the world-wide ban on the pesticide DDT in 1972, a ban inspired by the first enviro-bestseller, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring (1962). Rutledge’s five-year-long effort is driven by his revulsion at millions of deaths, mostly of women and young children, in Africa and South East Asia, by the mosquito-borne disease, Malaria. According to a recent World Health Organization report, Malaria kills one million people annually, a disease, Rutledge confirms, that is wholly and immediately preventable.

A naturalist and a die-hard advocate of preventative medicine, Dr. Rutledge, in the long tradition of American debunkers, wanted to see first hand the extent of Malaria’s worldwide impact, and to discover why policies are still in place that exacerbate the epidemic.

Dr. Rutledge and his Frog Bite Productions team, Co-Producer, Helen Udy, Cinematographer Aaron Krummel, and Project Coordinator, Russell Boast, take us on a 40-day investigative journey to South Africa,  Mozambique,  Kenya,  Tanzania, Northern and  Southern India, Bali,  Indonesia, and Malaysia where they interview African and Indian Government officials, NGO’s, charitable  organizations, scientists, politicians, doctors, victims, and survivors.  What they discover is a tangle of red tape, misguided prevention policies, and treatment that is ineffective in the face of continual re-infection. Above all they find willful deafness to the pleas of local populations to help them eradicate the mosquitoes that deliver the deadly cargo.

Dr. Rutledge and crew head for Washington, D.C. to document how the ban came about and to shed light on the politics of domestic and international environmentalism and its role in the death and suffering of billions. Dr. Rutledge confirms evidence that the research leading to the world-wide ban on DDT was precipitous, uninformed and fraudulent. America’s decision makers — political leaders and environmentalists — buried evidence that contradicted their decisions. Dr. Rutledge builds a solid case that indicts our policies, regulatory agencies and uncovers deceit at the highest levels.

He interviews Richard Tren and Roger Bate of American Enterprise Institute and Africa Fighting Malaria. Paul Driessen author of Eco-Imperialism, Dennis T. Avery, author of Saving the Planet with Pesticides and Plastics, Dr. Elizabeth Whelan author of Toxic Terror and Dr. Gill Ross of the American Council on Science and Health, as well as Roy Innis and Cyril Boynes of the Congress of Racial Equality. These interviews are blunt — the information appalling, confirming again and again that DDT is essentially harmless and provides the best, if not the only, way to stop tens of millions of needless deaths.

But when the EPA, Greenpeace, The Audubon Society, The World Wildlife Fund, and The Sierra Fund refuse interviews, Dr. Rutledge knows he has touched a nerve. Those most responsible for preserving and promoting the ban on DDT not only evade interviews but demand to know who’s funding Dr. Rutledge, screening potential adversaries and in effect dropping an iron curtain around their work for all but those who agree with them — this nearly 40 years after the initial ban and in the face of mountains of evidence against them.

Further, the film adds clarity to the record by showing that the effects of DDT were confused in the public’s mind with the undeniably devastating effects on the environment and water ways of PCBs. Because both chemicals were in the news at the same time, the effects of DDT became linked with the harmful effects of PCBs. Environmental activists, medical experts, and advocates of its ban did nothing to eliminate this confusion.

In his dissection of the rise of the environmental movement and the fall of science, he drops one bomb after another — a reputable scientist is caught manipulating test outcomes to prove the adverse effects of DDT; the man who started it all, William Ruckelshaus, the Administrator of the EPA in Richard Nixon’s presidency, reverses his position on the harmlessness of DDT to appease the membership of The Environmental Defense Fund.

The documentary raises fundamental questions: whom can we trust; what do we have to know in order to trust them; and finally, will we make the effort to know it? The film begs us to educate ourselves. 3 BILLION AND COUNTING is instructive well beyond the outrage it inspires.

3 BILLION AND COUNTING  opens September 17th and runs through September 23th, 2010, at the Quad Cinema, 34 West 13th Street, New York, New York 10011


3 Billion And Counting premieres in theaters this September

We are excited to announce that 3 Billion And Counting will receive it’s world premiere this September in New York!

This investigative documentary will have limited engagements beginning September 17th at The Quad Cinema in New York and concluding at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in West Hollywood, California.

For more information, check the theater’s websites below. Since the film will be in limited release, we highly recommend saving the date in your calendar now and bring a few friends. You’ll be discussing this film for days after.

Quad Cinema: World Awareness Through Cinema
34 West 13th Street
New York, New York 10011
p: 212-255-2243

September 17-23, 2010

Laemmle’s Sunset 5
8000 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, 90046
p: 310-478-3836

September 24-30, 2010

Advanced Free Audience Screenings of 3 Billion And Counting

Please come out and participate in a free screening of a very powerful heart felt feature documentary.

3 Billion and Counting is in the vein of Super Size Me Meets Fahrenheit 911.
This film follows the journey of Dr. Rutledge (a preventive medical doctor that grew up on a farm in Mississippi) as he travels the globe in 40 days to discover why so many women and children are still dying needlessly every 12 seconds from malaria as we speak…

He eventually finds himself in Washington DC where it all “went down” during the Nixon ERROR. He discovers that our very own US government, ONE MAN in particular, SCAMMED the American people with lies and deceit causing the death of untold millions.

He leaves no stone unturned in this heart felt fact finding mission that is chock full of shocking findings that are sure to open up a virtual BLIZZARD of long overdue debate.

Immediately following the film, there will be a questionnaire to fill out as well as Q and A with the director. Please come out and join us for this fun and important evening. We need your feedback!

Please note: seating is extremely limited in this very small theater. The movie will screen 3 different screenings, Sunday 8/8 at 3:30pm, Monday 8/9 at 7pm and Tuesday 8/10 at 7pm. Choose your screening by clicking the links below:




For more information on the film and to watch the trailer visit:

For questions, email

PARKING: Free street parking is available, or if parking on the studio lot guests will be charged $5.00 per car.

All guests should arrive with PHOTO I.D. at the Van Ness gate, 655 N. Van Ness, no earlier than one half hour prior to screening time (the movie will start promptly at 4:00pm on Sunday and 7:30pm Monday and Tuesday).Hi everyone!