The death toll is mounting.

Let’s Talk About It

Tonight, Dr. Rutledge will be calling in to Blog Talk Radio’s “Let’s Talk About It”. You can listen live online here:

3 BILLION AND COUNTING…the death toll is mounting… What if there was an effective way to eradicate a disease that has killed more people than any other disease known to man? What if a government ban is between you and the substance that could save your life? What if the incidence of that disease is on the rise? What if the the government had information that refuted the information that the EPA, GreenPeace, World Wildlife Fund and Sierra used to get the ban, but buried it? The New York Times stated “What the world needs now is …” Have I got your attention? People are dying as your are reading this! Why should YOU care? Let’s Talk About It! Then stay tuned for our Elite Savoir Faire-A Taste of Luxury Segment LET’S TALK ABOUT IT! is our runaway hit internet radio talk show broadcast. It features exciting, timely talk with “The Celebrity Doc” on matters that concern contemporary urban dwellers. Hear informative bytes on nutrition, fitness,image management, psychosocial interactions, sexuality, preventive health and disease management, finance, politics, current events, and more! Get set for provocative guest interviews and lively, sometimes outrageous discussions with you our listeners front and center. This is YOUR show!


3 responses

  1. Will make an effort to listen in….Go Rutledge!!

    October 7, 2010 at 9:24 pm

  2. kathy

    I did listen to this interview .. it was the best one I have ever listened to .. about any topic! I really appreciated the questions asked and the time given to Dr. Rutledge to answer them! I have been following the exposure of the Truth around DDT for years now and thought I knew quite a bit. However, this interview shed light on even more facts that I wasn’t aware of!
    Thanks, and I will keep coming back to the blog to see what else you have posted!

    October 15, 2010 at 8:37 pm

  3. bev

    Thank you Dr. Rutledge for this Excellent and Informative interview! I found it to have high integrity and value! It’s time to SPREAD THE TRUTH rather than spread dis-ease!

    October 26, 2010 at 2:57 am

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