The death toll is mounting.

Dr. Rutledge and Debbie Gibson stop by The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick

Dr. Rutledge and Debbie Gibson were in New York recently to promote is new documentary 3 Billion And Counting, which features an original song from Debbie called, Rise. The two stopped by Sirius OutQ’s morning show with Larry Flick and Keith Price to discuss the movie, bed nets, DDT, malaria and what you can do to be informed. This video features audio from that interview and stills and footage from that morning.

For more information on the documentary, visit:

and for more Larry Flick and Keith Price, visit:

*Audio used with permission


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  1. kathy

    I was able to view this documentary and was in total awe! I had believed the junk science in the emotionally charged novel “Silent Spring”. It was a “bible” for many of us young parents in the 70’s. When I went to and saw all that information .. I had to see the film. I was shocked back to SANITY! I will never be the same, as it has made me QUESTION everything the EPA has done .. since banning DDT was it’s first action. They started on a lie .. so what are we to expect after that? Shame on all those who KNEW DDT was safe for humans and birds .. yet .. banned DDT. PLEASE, lets bring it back and start saving lives again.

    September 29, 2010 at 9:36 pm

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