The death toll is mounting.

Deborah Gibson teams with boyfriend Dr. Rutledge on documentary

Deborah Gibson’s film career is on the rise these days. On top of her upcoming film with Tiffany, Ms. Gibson is gearing up for a the premiere of her boyfriend’s feature documentary 3 Billion and Counting at Raleigh Studios this week.

Deb writes:
Hey everyone!
My man, Dr. Rutledge, is holding his 1st ever screenings of his documentary 3 Billion and Counting.
I had the honor of working on the music.
This is truly an amazing and eye opening documentary. Hope you can make a screening!
xo Deb

This film follows the journey of Dr. Rutledge (a preventive-medicine doctor who grew up on a farm in Mississippi) as he travels the globe in 40 days to discover why so many women and children are still dying needlessly from malaria — one death every 12 seconds.

He eventually finds himself in Washington DC where it all “went down” during the Nixon ERROR. He discovers that our very own US government, ONE MAN in particular, SCAMMED the American people with lies and deceit causing the death of untold millions.

He leaves no stone unturned in this heart felt fact finding mission that is chock full of shocking findings that are sure to open up a virtual BLIZZARD of long overdue debate.

Immediately following the film, there will be a questionnaire to fill out as well as Q and A with the director.

For more information on the film and to watch the trailer visit:



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